5 Budget Friendly Gift Options

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Whatever the occasion, carrying a gift along with you is very important before arriving a party or an event which you have been invited to. However, if you are not willing to spend a fortune on honouring your host with an expensive gift, then there are several classy yet wallet friendly gift options for you to choose from.

Home décor

If you visit a home décor store then you would find that there are number of options to choose from, ranging from high to low in price. You could choose something such as a simple lamp, a coffee mug set or some scented candles. Either way, it is important to keep the person in mind and whether or not the gift you are purchasing would be useful to them.

Personalise it

Purchasing custom made gifts HK may seem like a good idea, but it depends on how close you are to the guest. If you have shared a lot of memories with this individual then you could customize a frame with your memorable pictures. However, if you do not share a close bond with this person, then you could choose to customize a frame, cushion or mug with a funny or wise quote which they might like.


If the person receiving the gift is a total foodie, then you could present them with a box of customised souvenir cupcakes or special handmade chocolates, which make for wonderful gifts. These won’t rip a hole in your wallet and will make the person happy too. If you are willing to spend more, you could also gift them a voucher to their favourite restaurant which they could use later to enjoy a hearty meal. You could also choose a personalised hamper with goodies such as cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and other items such as crisps, bottles of peanut butter or jam, to mention a few.


This is one category which consists of items that people use almost on a daily basis and is not too expensive to gift, if you choose the correct items. Therefore, any stationery item you gift them, would be useful. However, if this person is specifically into stationery items, then you could gift them items such as a pen holder with their initials engraved or a personalized journal. Moreover, you could choose from a variety of letter and envelope packages which are printed in several designs.


If you decide to choose a high end brand, then this would not fall under the budget friendly gift category. However, there are several clothing brands which sell good quality and beautifully designed clothes at a cheap price. Moreover, if you purchase it during a sale, then you get a better deal. If you are gifting the clothes to a woman, you could choose a beautiful dress whereas you could gift a man, something like a belt or shirt. However, you must ensure that you are aware of their sizes in order to avoid any issues with fittings.

Choosing a budget friendly gift is not as difficult as it appears, It’s all about shopping at the right place at the right time (especially during a sale) and ensuring that you buy a gift which the person will appreciate and use.

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