Different Types Of Writers

Now with the ever evolving world people come up with new types of fields they could venture through. And thanks to the variety of streams, fields and industries the economy is able to somehow jump over the hurdle of unemployment. Also people can now pursue in the field of their interest and need not do something they are not interested in doing. One such profession is becoming a writer. It is not easy to become a professional writer and it requires years of experience and sometimes some sort of a qualification. But there are some writers out there who write for the passion of writing and not for the money.

Writing is actually a skill that cannot be learned through books, it has to be either influenced by ones background or one should work hard to have the ability to write in such a way that it will capture the hearts of the readers. Even in this profession of writing there are so many types of writers that are specialized in only their style and field of writing. There may be a total of 26 types of writers who work in various industries. Given below is a brief list of the type of writers one could become.

Literature is an enormous branch

The definition of literature is a type of written production show cased to the world. Story writers, Screen writers (script writers), Poetry writers, Play writers and Novelists all fall under this industry. Story writers are professionals who write short stories with a fixed plot and moral to magazines. But of course this does not pay well and is considered a good part time job unless of course one could slowly get into some big magazine that is recognized worldwide. Screen writers are the professionals who write the script for the movies, dramas and TV series. They get paid well if their script is accepted but getting it accepted by the production is the hardest task as only one is every 100 scripts makes it successfully into the screen. 

Other types of writers

White paper writers are also one type of professionals.

White paper writers are capable of crafting white paper to suit the needs of the customer and make it easier for them to solve their issues with regard to business. Looking for professional white paper writers? Go to this website for info.

Ghost writers are professionals who write articles for the customer according to the customer’s information being provided but the article is being posted in the name of the customer and not the writer. Song writers, Technical writers, Reviewers, journalists are all types of writers and there are many more. All these professionals have a good background regarding language and ways to express their thoughts.

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