Evolution Of Storage In The Shipping Industry

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People have been trading with each other for centuries and they have not only been dealing with other vendors in the same country or even the same continent, they have been trading across continents as well. 

In the very early days most trading was done on landmasses that were connected so the merchants could travel on animals and carry the goods in carts driven by animals. However, they were also brave enough to travel across the seas to buy items and also to sell them. Even though travelling across waters was a dangerous endeavour the results were so promising if they succeeded in reaching the destinations unharmed.
It is said that even before the proper civilizations as discovered today began, people have been exploring and have been travelling from one place to another across seas.

The creation of proper vessels that can carry cargo was an excellent opportunity to the sellers to gather different items from different cultures and sell them across the world but the storing of the items, loading and unloading them were a big issue. Obviously, they did not have nice shipping containers for sale at that time and the storing had to be done in boxes, barrels, etc. Since these could contain only so much, a whole lot of boxes, barrels, etc., were needed when considerable cargo was to be carried.Another issue faced by the merchants and the ship captains was the loading and unloading of the goods. As some of the goods were tied together using things like rope, some were stored in cartons such as wooden crates and the beverages and other liquids such as oils were stored in barrels, a lot of man labour was required to load them onto the vessel and also to unload them.

Most of the time the poor slaves were the ones who had to carry all these to the deck and to load them.This was too cumbersome and with the abolishing of the concept of slavery, the amount to be paid to the labourers for loading and unloading was too much to continue with this trait.It is safe to say that the shipping industry saw an unimaginable growth with Malcolm McLean’s idea of building ships that has mechanisms to make it easier to load and unload the containers that were in used in the industry at that time.Afterwards, the standardization came in to play so that the ships could be designed with much more precision rather than having to follow a generic design that can accommodate any type of a carton. Nowadays, there are a lot companies that offer 40 foot shipping containers for sale as this is the mostly used standard.From storage equipment, containers have now evolved into being used for other purposes such as housing without discarding the used ones as the industry was earlier used to. There are many features such as the low cost and durability that makes this type of alternative housing the preferred option of most.

Storage in the shipping industry will keep on evolving as nothing in this fast moving world is static and you and I will definitely be amazed at the immerging concepts unless we keep abreast with the latest industrial developments.

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