How To Be A Good Sports Team Captain

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Every sports team have only one captain. And being that one person who is responsible for many distinct and diverse personalities is definitely not an easy task. Being a very good player is a completely different thing from being a good captain. It definitely is an honor to have the captaincy of a team but there comes a set of duties and responsibilities along with it. The coach’s role in a team is a different type of a leadership than that of a captain. It is important to have a good understanding of the role of a captain to carry out your duties for the entire team’s benefit. So here are a few tips as to how you could be successful as a sports team captain to lead your team to victory.

Your personality
Having an outgoing and an extraordinary personality will be in your favor as a leader. But is not the only trait that is required to be successful. The sports psychology association have introduced three Cs that makes a good leader. They are Caring, courage and consistency. It is important for a leader to be empathetic about his team mates and show that he truly cares for them to get the support and the good heart of the team players and they will feel belonged and will be motivated to give their fullest contribution for the team. Courage to act in time, stand up for your team is also important. Next thing is to be consistent with what you say and what you do. It’s not about being brilliant at the sport or about how many custom medal Australia you’ve won, know more about it. It’s all about your personality and how you treat your team members.

Work together
As the team leader it is true that you have the responsibility to decide many things for your team such as what side of the court to choose, what jersey to wear, who will be included in the team, who will play in what position etc. But if you need to be successful as a captain as well as a team you need to work together with everybody to arrive at a decision. Whatever the sports trophies Sydney you are going to own will be the hard work of your entire team and not just of your own. Therefore it is right and just to involve the entire team in the decision making and gather everyone’s ideas to arrive on a decision.

A successful captain needs to be a good communicator, motivator, disturbance handler and overall a good leader. You need to be a person that everybody looks up to. Be a role model and try to inculcate good values of respect, humility, empathy, appreciation, honesty and love for your team mates and they will definitely return you the favor by giving their fullest contribution to the team.

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