How To Beat The Summer Heat?

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Summer is the best time of the year for us to relax at the beach and catch some rays. Its season for family picnics, outdoor dinners, pool parties and it’s the time to get out your beach shorts and head out for a swim or surf. However, the downside to all this excitement is the unbearable heat when you are not doing some fun activity. So here are a few tips on how to beat the heat both outdoors and indoors, this summer.

The Hydration

It is important to stay hydrated generally, however it is mostly important to stay hydrated during the summer to keep your body cool, keep your muscles and heart healthy and keep headaches caused by the extreme heat away. It is best to keep a bottle of plain water close by at all times, and if needed add some ice cubes to keep the water cold and fresh. However, if you are particularly more active during the summer heat times, you can opt for sports drinks.

Dressing for the summer

Regardless of whether you are doing outdoor or indoor activities during the summer, it is always easier on you to dress right and in clothes that will keep you as cool as possible. A practical summer outfit would have to be made of breathable fabric such as cotton or linen; you can also go for light colours such as white, peach or any other colour that doesn’t absorb heat. Stay away from black coloured/tight fitting clothing and instead go for loose-fitting outfits such as skirts and dresses.

When you aren’t doing fun activities outdoors or just soaking up some sun at the beach, it is important to stay cool inside the comfort of your home. The best technique to keep your home cool is to constantly keep air flowing through the house. This can be done by either fitting in ceiling fans or small desktop fans and keep them constantly circulating.

Furthermore, you can take an extra step and put in air conditioning or fix up the already existing one with some air conditioning repair. If you are apprehensive of the cost, you can then assign this method of cooling to one specific room only so that everyone can use it.

Apart from the above methods, the most popular ways of beating the heat are to take long walks under the shade from the trees in the park, enjoy cool ice-creams and popsicles, drink some lemonade and go for a swim. Above all, most importantly enjoy the summer as best as you can.

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