Taking Precautions

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To a traveller, exploring the world has several perks. There’s nothing more exhilirating than traversing foreign soil, scaling mountains and crossing rivers that would terrify the average person. Even though there are dangers around every corner there’s a certain appeal to risking life and limb for some excitement. Your friends may laugh at you, some may scoff, some may cover their mouths in shock. ‘No way am I going to die just to see more trees than I need to.’ ‘I have better things to do than waste money and time on this perfect rubbish removal in Central Coast.’ Stuff like that. They’re good people, their ambitions and dreams just aren’t yours. That’s fine by you.

For you, on the other hand, life becomes droll. You can only put up with the same 9-5 job for so long before you realise there’s a life outside four walls. You’ll see what’s on the other side of that mountain. You’ll see people you’ll never see if you stay put. You’ll eat more than cafe food at exorbitant prices. There’s just so much more out there to see. And you’re going to see it no matter what.

That’s what you told yourself and now you’re on a tour to one of the greatest ocean landmarks. You can’t quite pick the name but whatever it is, you know it’s something you won’t just see at an aquarium. While you could press your face to the glass – well, you can’t legally but still – it would be much more exciting to see the sea creatures in their natural habitat. Maybe you’ll see great white sharks; maybe you’ll see sperm whales. Maybe a dolphin or two. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to dive into the water and see them up close. Visit http://www.ringaskip.com.au/ for further information regarding skip hire Gosford.

That said, there are setbacks no matter what you do. This time it’s something quite devastating. Any traveller would cringe at having to think about it.


The silent killer – well, killer of good times. Something so terrifying that anyone would cross their legs and fidget awkwardly. The biggest problem is just how socially debilitating it can be. You can imagine people staring at you strangely as you scramble for your prescribed medicine and down it like water. You don’t care, as long as it goes away. There couldn’t be anything more humiliating than having to shamble around like your underwear has shrunk so it’s better than nothing. On a cruiser in particular, there are only so many places to escape. You have to be careful.

Just hope you have enough diarrhoea medicine on you. Travelling can take a toll on one’s supplies and before you know it you’ll have barely enough to make it to your transport back home. The last thing you want is to return to your friends and have them realise what happened to you. You’d never let it down.

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