The Art Of Wrapping A Gift

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Just like the art of flower arrangements has its own culture and history (ikebana is very popular in Japan), there is an art to wrapping a gift too. Much like Rowan Atkinson’s character on Love Actually, a gift can be wrapped with multiple layers to evoke different feelings, or with a simple wrapping paper and ribbon. Here are some ideas and tips for wrapping gifts; each different type of gift will be wrapped in a different way.

For the Business Associate

Depending on the occasion, this gift may have to be unwrapped. For instance, if the business gifts in Hong Kong have to be given at a conference or other public event, there might be a custom of unveiling it and displaying it to those gathered. For such moments it is better to give the gift in a small, pretty gift bag. Stuff the top with light coloured tissue paper to fill the bag up and hand it to them with a smile. If the gift does not have to be displayed, it can be wrapped in wrapping paper of a sober colour. Avoid bright, flashing colours and glitter. Do not use gaudy ribbons and large flowers to decorate the top. In fact, these gifts do not require much decoration at all. As long as it is wrapped neatly, it is acceptable.

For the Birthday Girl/Boy

Unlike corporate gifts, birthday gifts should always be wrapped. The wrapping paper can have a theme, it can be customized, and it can be any colour and design you wish. In fact, the louder it is, the better. If there is a party, the birthday girl/boy will enjoy unwrapping the gifts they received so make sure it is wrapped neatly but without too much tape in too many places. If you are giving a gift to an acquaintance, you may simply put it into a gift bag and hand it to them as well. Smaller gifts such as gift vouchers can be presented in specially coloured envelopes. Basically, the following rule of thumb can be applied: the closer the person is to you, the more colourful and attractive the gift may be. Of course, once they reach a certain level of familiarity, you may even forgo the bother of ‘wrapping’ the gift and simply hand it to them as is. 

Deck the Halls

For Christmas, Hanukkah or any other religious or cultural festival, it is better to stick to themed wrapping paper that always makes an appearance around festival season. Depending on the different holidays, there will be different colours that are dominant. Christmas time for instance, usually features a lot of red, green, gold and silver. Hanukkah will see wrapping paper featuring open windows, lighted lamps etc. to commemorate their festival. Similarly, shops usually stock shiny, glittery wrapping paper for these seasons because it is all about the celebration.

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