The Best Food And Alcohol Combinations For A Relaxed Get Together

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Are you thinking of throwing a casual party for your family or friends? Or maybe that you have been invited to a potluck and you are wondering what to make without clashing the food and alcohol combination. Either way, there are some food and alcohol combinations that you cannot go wrong with. Some of these are classic dishes others a little modern. Try some of these pairs out the next time you have to cook for a party.

Garlic and butter prawn rice

The recipe for this one is rather simple really and makes for a quick and easy dish that will always refresh everybody. The dish will not cost you much either which makes it an even better option for a dish to be served at a large gathering. First cook some jasmine or any long grain rice and make sure that the fluffiness is there. Next in a separate pan, melt some butter and add garlic, onions and prawns to it. When the aromas begin to rise, toss in some chili, salt, pepper, soy sauce, parsley and even a bit of coriander in if you like it and then gently mix in the cooked rice. Make sure that you melt a generous amount of butter so that the dish almost has a saucy feel to it. Run to the store and craft beer for a cooling accompaniment for this piping hot dish.

Combo platter with a twist

If you are planning on serving this recipe, you might not really have to serve much else because this has all the taste, nutrients and textures in addition to it being really filling. The combo platter will have a few different components. Start with a fresh salad or raita. Mix in chopped cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, tomato, parsley and coriander and mix in some yoghurt, pepper, lime and salt. Let it sit in the fridge for half an hour and serve cold. Next, split capsicums and scoop out all the seeds. Fill it with a potato mixture that has boiled potatoes, green peas, onions, garlic and spices to taste. Next dip the filled capsicum in egg yolk and then bread crumbs before letting it deep fry. The final component is a generous tuna or halibut steak seasoned with some rosemary, basil, pepper, salt and oregano. You can serve sauce and some type of focaccia bread separately for those who prefer those as well. Buy a few cold ones from a good Grimbergen craft beer and you are all set to go!


Why not keep things really simple and serve up a traditional platter of antipasti with wine? Include some cured and smoked meats, olives, about two types of cheese, some vegetables and you can also add breadsticks with some olive oil or crusty bread chunks for a rustic feel.

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