The Bottle Conveyor

The bottle conveyor is a form of production equipment that is used in the delivery of bottles in a bottling plant or factory. The bottle conveyor is not much different from the other kinds of conveyor belts even though the bottle conveyor requires a special kind of design to hold the bottle in an upright position and prevent the content from spilling during the delivery process. These types of conveyors are typically found in the assembly line system and are incorporated into the other kind of functions such as the labelling, filling and packaging equipment like mailing boxes wholesale. For instance, the labelling might be done using the double sided labeller. 

It is through these processes that the bottling companies are able to present a complete product to the mass market such as soft drinks. There are myriads of bottle conveyors that can be used to move bottles in different sizes and shapes as well. Some of the conveyors are also adjustable to hold a variety of bottle designs. Among the places that you can expect to find bottle conveyor is soft drinks or even at a medical supplies production lie or at facilities that create the ordinary household cleaners. The bottle conveys work in conjunction with the capping machines which are responsible for the caps on the bottles. 

The system that is used on the bottle conveying systems typically has standard chain or belt that resembles those that are found on an average conveyor belt. The rotation of the axles is handled by a motor and they are responsible for the movement of the chain or belt for the delivery of the necessary materials. The top of the belt area needs to be customized to hold the bottles securely on the bottle conveyor and to keep them in line with the labelling and the auto bottle filling equipments. This can be achieved through the use of some of the adjustable side rails that are placed along the edges of the conveyor belt. In other instances the side rails are positioned on the conveyor belt with the intention of ensuring that the bottles are aligned in the right way. 

One bottling line can be satisfied using one conveyor belt which will snake through the entire assembly line. However, in other instances there can be multiple bottle conveyors which work independently depending on the kind of system that has been installed. When it comes to large bottling companies, for instance the workers will unload the empty bottles strategically at the start of the bottle conveyor. Subsequently the belt will carry the bottles through the various processes such as the cleaning process, vacuum area. Obviously in the cleaning and vacuuming area the bottle receives the stated treatments and in the same time removes any pressure that is in the bottle. 

The next step is the transportation through the filling machines whereby the beverage is filled in the bottles. The other machines that the bottle have to go through a re the capping and the labelling machines and then finally to the variety of packaging supplies which may depend on the tube cartoner for the right packaging.

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