Tips On Designing A Wedding Card

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Weddings and marriage definitely are one of the most important event in any person’s life. It is the start of a new chapter in life. While it might be exciting to get this chapter started, the work load that goes into it beforehand is something that is equally exciting and hectic. The pressure that builds with in to make sure everything goes according to plan is truly unnerving. The invitation for the occasion is one that is significant as well. In a sense it does somewhat manage to give a sneak peak on what to expect. Hence planning and designing it in a manner that showcases this might be difficult yet not impossible. Here are a few tips that may help;


This could mean the style for the card only or it could be a combination that gives a sneak peak on what to expect. The card could be designed in a manner that goes with the theme you have chosen for the wedding. The colors that have been used to decorate the hall or even few elements that are part of the theme could be used when designing the card. There are different styles that could be used, going traditional with floral edging and elegant colors or going retro by combining a 1950’s theme and adding a little twist to it with pastel colors, Americana inspired fonts and vintage illustrations are some such suggestions.


There are a range of fonts that could be downloaded and used to style the card, but keeping it simple with bold lettering shall not only help reduce cost of printing but also send the message in clear font. You could use address stamps to stamp in the destination and direction of the particular venue. Get advice from your selected printing partner if you are not sure with choosing the best one that has the desired outcome you are looking for, as they are more experienced and may help in making a better choice.


This is another important aspect that needs to be paid equal attention, as rubber stamps that show the directions to the venue. This is where the size of the invitation, the envelope size and design that the invitation goes into, is concerned. While you might want to include all your amazing ideas to design the card you’ve got to consider the practicality of the situation. The measurement of the card and envelope, portrait or landscape card, printing material are some of the concerns under this. Make sure to choose the right printing partner with experience and get their advice on making decisions to find solutions for the above concerns.


Don’t just stick to stereotypical cards. Add in a little you that make this card distinguishable from any other card out there. An element that makes those know you clearly understand that this is a work of your art. After all it is once in life time thing, so make it personal and simple!

Design the card the way you desire and don’t hesitate to pitch in your ideas when getting them printed out and such! This way it will be one card that is to be remembered for a life time!

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